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In English:

The Significance of the Work of Stanley L. Jaki
Downside Review – October 1987 – Peter Edward Hodgson

The Importance Of The Reality Of The Universe In The Work Of Stanley L. Jaki
Faith & Reason – Winter 1995 – John-Peter Pham

The book of Peter M.J. Hess and Paul L. Allen Catholicism and Science
Greenwood Press – 2008, has a few pages (pp. 141-143) about Stanley Jaki.

The incipit is: “One of the major writers in the science-religion dialogue, Stanley Jaki is well known for his aggressive style of argumentation.”

Science Seeking Understanding
First Things – June 2009 – Stephen M. Barr

Stanley L. Jaki, Cosmology, and the History of Science
Social Justice Review – July-August 2009 – Thomas D. Watts

Entry Jaki, Stanley L. in New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2010, Volume 2 – Paul Haffner

The book of George William Rutler Cloud of Witnesses: Dead People I knew When They Were Alive
Scepter – 2010, has a chapter about Stanley Jaki. The text can be found here.

Theologiæ Creationis et Scientiæ Modernæ Convenientia in Pont. Max. Benedicti XVI Cogitatione
2014 – Joseph R. Laracy

Stacy Trasancos in 2015 devoted a number of essays to the work of Father Jaki, especially focused on the themes dealt with in Jaki’s book
Science and Creation.
They can be found online:
Fr. Stanley Jaki’s Definition of Science
Why Pantheism Stifles Science (and Christianity Does Not)
The Stillbirth of Science in Ancient Egypt
The Stillbirth of Science in China
The Stillbirth of Science in India
The Stillbirth of Science in Babylon
The Stillbirth of Science in Greece
The Stillbirth of Science in Arabia
From Faith Came Science: The Condemnations of 1277
The Radical Scientific View of Biblical Cultures
The Christian Middle Ages and the Greek Scientific Corpus
Fr. Jean Buridan’s Impetus Theory
The Uniquely Christian Birth of Science
The following essay is about themes of Jaki’s books
God and the Sun at Fatima and
The Sun’s Miracle or of Something Else?.
Skeptic Benjamin Radford on the Fátima Miracle

Jaki and Galileo
Universidad Anáhuac México Norte – March 2015 – Alessandro Giostra.

The Dictionary of Christianity and Science: The Definitive Reference for the Intersection of Christian Faith and Contemporary Science
Harper Collins – 2017, has an entry about Stanley Jaki.

Metaphysics and Mathematics
Speech – January 2017 – Jacques Vauthier

Stanley Jaki and the Errors of Hegelian Idealism
Alpha Omega – XXI – 1 – 2018 – Alessandro Giostra

Stanley Jaki’s Criticism of Platonic Philosophy
Alpha Omega – XXI – 3 – 2018 – Alessandro Giostra

These 5 Catholic scientists shaped our understanding of the world
Aleteia – May 2018 – Stephen Beale

In Hungarian:

During this emission of Múlt-kor, Történelmi magazin Csatorna [Past Time, History Magazine Channel] there is a report about Stanley Jaki, from 12'12" to 24'30".
NAVA [National Audiovisual Archive] – 2009

In Italian:

Fede, scienza e falsi miti nella cosmologia contemporanea
Cristianità – Dicembre 1993 – Luciano Benassi

Jaki e la nascita della scienza. Il ruolo centrale del cristianesimo
emmeciquadro – Aprile 2006 – Alessandro Giostra

John Henry Newman come apologeta secondo P. Stanley L. Jaki, O.S.B.
Alpha Omega – XIV, n. 2, 2011 – Pedro Barrajón, L.C.

Fede e origini della scienza nel pensiero di Stanley Jaki
Prospettiva Persona – Aprile 2015 – Alessandro Giostra

Stanley Jaki e l’educazione scientifica
emmeciquadro – Dicembre 2017 – Beniamino Danese

Duhem e le origini cristiane della scienza
Nuova Umanità – Gennaio 2018 – Alessandro Giostra

In German:

Das Sonnenwunder von Fatima als Zeichen der Hoffnung
(The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, as a Sign of Hope)

Theologisches – 2017 – Manfred Hauke

In French:

Science et création : l’apocatastase...
Speech – 2017 – Jacques Vauthier

In Croatian:

Ključne riječi: kozmologija, umjereni realizam, dokazi za Božje postojanje, Stanley Jaki, Gödel
(The road of science and the ways to the God: Stanley L. Jaki’s epistemological principles)

Filozofska istraživanja, (0351-4706) 27 (2007), 2; pp. 321-336 – Hrvoje Relja

Univočnost kolikoća (quantitas) kao temelj specifičnosti fizike – Osvrt na Jakijevo utemeljenje filozofije znanosti
(Univocity of Quantity as a Fundamental Quality of Physics – Reference to S.L. Jaki’s foundation of philosophy of science)

Crkva u svijetu : CUS (0352-4000) 42 (2007), 2; pp. 389-390 – Hrvoje Relja

The Nematerijalnost uma prema Stanleyu Ladislasu Jakiju
(Immateriality of mind according to Stanley Ladislas Jaki)

Crkva u svijetu : CUS (0352-4000) 43 (2008), 4; pp. 526-549 – Hrvoje Relja

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