Texts which quote
Stanley L. Jaki

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Texts which quote Stanley Jaki (either positively or negatively) number in the hundreds.
Here are only a few examples.

In English:

From Compassion to Coercion: The Strange Paths of Contemporary Religious Politics
Chapter 8 of the book Religion, Wealth, and Poverty (pp. 35-46) - 1990 - James W.Schall

Beyond the Enlightenment
Modern Age - Winter 1997 - William A. Rusher

Science, Religion, and Utopia
Modern Age - Winter 2001 - Grant Morrison

The Best Explanation for Our Existence: Belloc on the “Apparently Unconvertible” Religion
Vital Speeches of the Day - April 2003 - James W.Schall

Darwin’s Compass: How Evolution Discovers the Song of Creation
The Boyle Lecture - 2005 - Simon Conway Morris

Between Heaven & Earth: Review of the book Science and Belief in the Nuclear Age by Peter E. Hodgson
Touchstone - December 2006 - Anne Barbeau Gardiner

Review of the book Michael Polanyi: The Art of Knowing by Mark T. Mitchell
National Review - February 2007 - M.D. Aeschlimann

Reasonable Science, reasonable Faith
First Things - April 2007 - Christoph Schönborn

Religious Belief in Newman's Grammar of Assent
Modern Age - Winter 2008 - John Caiazza

The Historic Alliance of Christianity and Science
Reflections Blog - June 2011 - Kenneth Richard Samples

Bearing False Witness
Book - 2017 - Rodney Stark

The Realist Guide to Religion and Science
Book - 2018 - Paul Robinson, preface by Paul Haffner

These 5 Catholic scientists shaped our understanding of the world
Aleteia - 2018 - Stephen Beale

Bishop Robert Barron Has Misled Ben Shapiro
Credo ut intelligam blog - 2018 - Erick Ybarra

Science and the Ascension of Christ
Crisis Magazine – 30 May 2019 – George W. Rutler

In Italian:

Duhem, Pierre Maurice (Parigi, 1861 - Cabrespine (Francia), 1916)
DISF.org - 2002 - Maria Cristina Annesini

Creazionismo ed evoluzionismo senza ideologie possono incontrarsi
L'Osservatore Romano - 17 Luglio 2008 - Christoph Schönborn

Numeri e fede/6. Beata matematica
Avvenire - 2009 - Luigi Dall'Aglio

Evoluzione e creazione, terreno di incontro tra scienza e fede
Avvenire - 12 Ottobre 2010 - Fiorenzo Facchini

La scienza nasce con la Chiesa
italiani.net - 18 Gennaio 2017 - Riccardo Liberati

False testimonianze: come smascherare alcuni secoli di storia anticattolica
Libro - 2017 - Rodney Stark

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