People who keep alive
Stanley L. Jaki works

A number of old and new friends of Father Stanley Jaki is operating to keep alive his memory, and to keep in print his works.
The effort does not have much structure, but it is rather based on a network of friendships. People mentioned below help actively to promote in various ways the knowledge of the works of Father Jaki.
Here we mention only a few of them, but the list is far from complete.

Dennis J. Musk — Real View Books

Mary Frances and Dennis Musk The publishing house Real View Books, founded by Father Jaki, has also been given by Father Jaki the right on all his publications.
The publishing house has been publishing a number of books that were “ready for print” at the time of Father Jaki’s death or that he wished to publish, some more books, and reprints his book as needed.
The soul of Real View Books is Dennis J. Musk, shown here with his wife Mary-Frances. They are part of a Dominican Third Order Community Dominican Third Order Community, based in New Hope, Kentucky.
The Real View Books site can be found here. About a hundred works of Father Jaki can be bought from the site.

Father Rafael Pascual — Director of the Science and Faith Institute

Rafael Pascual Guadalupe 2015 Father Rafael Pascual, Director of the Science and Faith Institute at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, in Rome, invited Father Jaki since 2003 to teach at the Master in Science and Faith. The talks Father Jaki gave there originated some of his books, included his last one, finished just weeks before his death in 2009. Father Rafael has done more than any other friend of Father Jaki to promote his work, publishing the translation into Italian of several works, and organizing several Meetings and Courses, (2010 International Conference in Rome, 2011 Summer Course in Madrid, 2014 Summer Course in Rome, 2015 Course in Mexico City, 2016 and 2018 in Rome, inside the Science and Faith Master, April 2019 Conference in Rome). Father Rafael Pascual is also the author of several publications. His Curriculum vitae is available here.

Father Paul Haffner — Biographer — Stanley Jaki Foundation — Congresses

Paul Haffner The first biographer of Stanley Jaki, Father Paul Haffner, a lecturer at the Pontifical Gregorian University , set up and is the President of the Stanley Jaki Foundation.
The Internet site of the Stanley Jaki Foundation is here.
Its Contitution can be downloaded here.
From the Article 9 of the Constitution:
The main public activities of the Foundation shall be the Congresses which will be organized with due notice from time to time, with the publication of acts of the Congresses. The aim of a Congress is to study and present the various aspects and facets of Fr. Jaki’s work, and its impact on the Church and the world. Other initiatives of the Foundation include the promotion of the study of Fr. Jaki’s works, the continued publication of these works, and their translation into various languages.
The Jaki Foundation was between the promoters of the 2010 International Conference in Rome , of the 2011 Summer Course in Madrid , of the 2015 Meeting in the Seton Hall University in New Jersey , and of the March 2019 Commemoration in Rome . Father Paul Haffner is also the author of several publications. For more details, see his home page.

Haffner family coat of arms

Father Haffner comes from a family of noble ancestry. The Haffner coat-of arms was awarded to the family in the year 1632 by the Emperor Ferdinand II of Austria for service to the Catholic Church during the thirty years war. In the family there is also a Symphony and a Serenade composed and dedicated to them by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem about another of his ancestors, the Baron de St. Castin.
The treasurer of the Foundation is Fr. Joseph Laracy.
The secretary of the Foundation is Antonio Colombo. The Stanley Jaki Foundation is an open venture. Interested people are welcome to join. Please contact Father Paul Haffner (haffner at unigre dot it), or Antonio Colombo (azc100 at gmail dot com).

The Stanley Brigade

At the Trevi fountain - Rome 2008 An informal group of friends of Father Jaki is known as the Stanley Brigade.
The reason of being of the group, as stated at the funeral of Father Jaki (Pannonhalma, 29 April 2009) is:
“Father Jaki loved to quote the statement of Saint Paul about the ‘reasonable worship’ we should offer to the Lord.
His life has been an example of this ‘reasonable worship’.
Together with other friends, we will try to keep alive the memory of his life and of his works.”

The group is open to everyone interested. In order to participate, just send an email to the maintainer of this page (see bottom of page), or to: stanley dot brigade at gmail dot com.

The original "nucleus" of the Stanley Brigade is shown in this picture taken in November 2008 at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, few months before the death of Father Jaki.
From left to right, Lucía Guerra Menéndez, Father Jaki, Antonio Colombo and Beniamino Danese.

Lucía Guerra Menéndez, from Madrid, Spain, a PhD in Pharmacy, is a physiology teacher at the San Pablo CEU University in Madrid. Father Jaki was a personal friend of her whole family. She has been collaborating in various ways with Father Jaki, including co-authoring with him a paper. She participated in a number of events about Father Jaki, organizing the 2011 Summer Course in Madrid.

Antonio Colombo, a now retired Software Engineer in Varese, Italy, proofread for Father Jaki since the year 2000, and translated a number of his works into Italian. He is managing this site, and collaborates with the Real View Books, the Fede & Cultura, and the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum publishing houses. He participated in a number of events about Father Jaki.

Beniamino Danese, a PhD in Physics, from Verona, Italy, translated works of Father Jaki (namely Means to Message) and organized his talks in Verona and Trento. He participated in a number of events about Father Jaki. The three people shown with Father Jaki in this picture were also present at his deathbed in Madrid, on 7 april 2009. The only other person present was Becky Mayhew, from Bowling Green (KY), also a friend of Father Jaki.

A few other people belonging to the Stanley Brigade are shown below, grouped by country.


Camilla and Giovanni Zenone Giovanni Zenone, a publisher in Verona, a personal friend of Father Jaki, published the Italian translation of several of his works.
This is the site of his publishing house, Fede & Cultura.
His personal site can be found here.
Giovanni recently started a new publishing house in the USA, Gondolin Press.
Giovanni opened a bookstore in Verona, the Libreria Fede & Cultura and is helped in his apostolate by his wife Camilla.

Alessandro Giostra Mexico City 2015 Alessandro Giostra, a philosophy teacher in Pagliara del Tronto, Italy, translated some of his book, wrote several essays and reviews about Father Jaki, and gave talks about his works. Alessandro also deals in his research with Galileo and his times. Some of his essays and reviews about Stanley Jaki are available on this site.


Julio Gonzalo Madrid 2011 Julio A. Gonzalo, a university professor of physics in Madrid, is an old friend of Father Jaki. He helped translate and publish some of his works in Spanish, and collaborated and participated in a number of events commemorating Father Jaki. He is the author of several publications. Some more details about him can be found here.


Jacques Vauthier Madrid 2011 Jacques Vauthier, a mathematician in Paris, is an old friend of Father Jaki. He collaborated with him and translated some of his works into French. He participated in a number of events commemorating Father Jaki. He is the author of several publications. Some more details about him (in French) can be found here.

United Kingdom

John Beaumont Rome 2010 John Beaumont, a lawyer by training, based in Leeds, UK, has been the main collaborator of Father Jaki in the last years of his life. He helped a lot Father Jaki for his activities in the United Kingdom, and participated to a number of events commemorating Father Jaki. John is also the training force in the preparation of the special issue of Saint Austin Review (StAR) dedicated to Father Jaki.
John is a convert to Catholicism, and Father Jaki gently hinted him to collect and publish information about people who converted to Catholicism.
After publishing a few booklets with Real View Books:
Converts to Rome,
Converts From Britain and Ireland in the 19th Century,
Jewish Converts,
...John produced two monumental books, devoted to English converts:
Roads to Rome: A Guide to Notable Converts from Britain and Ireland from the Reformation to the Present Day
...and to American converts:
The Mississippi Flows Into the Tiber: A Guide to Notable American Converts to the Catholic Church.


hrvoje relja Rome 2010 Hrvoje Relia, is a Croatian theologian and priest. His dissertation thesis has been about Father Jaki:
Il realismo di S.L. Jaki: Dalla convinzione religiosa tramite il realismo moderato e la creatività scientifica fino al realismo metodico.
Hrvoje participated to a number of events commemorating Father Jaki.
“Gesù Cristo il Filosofo”, an article in Italian he wrote for Alpha Omega, can be found here.
Hrvoje also published a book of the same title, based on that article.

United States of America

Stacy Trasancos Stacy Trasancos lives in the USA. A chemical engineer by training, she got a degree in theology, with a thesis about Father Jaki and the birth of Science.

Her thesis
Science was Born of Christianity — The Teaching of Fr. Stanley L. Jaki is available in print.

She also wrote a second book about "science and us" titled
Particles of Faith — A Catholic Guide to Navigating Science. Dr. Trasancos spoke of this book during a Subjects Matters broadcast on December 9, 2016. The trasmission can be seen here.

She writes in the Internet for Catholic sites.
Some of her essays about Stanley Jaki are available here.

Dr. Trasancos was asked about her conversion to Catholicism by Marcus Grodi, in The Journey Home broadcast, on October 14, 2019. She mentioned Father Jaki’s name as well. The transmission can be seen here.

Francis Manion (an old friend of Father Jaki), here with his wife, has been in charge of the Stanley Jaki estate Francis Manion (an old friend of Father Jaki), here with his wife, has been in charge of the Stanley Jaki estate, and of the legal part of Real View Books. Catholics united for life here.

He kept all the necessary contacts when Father Jaki was sick in Madrid, and afterwards with all the interested parties (mainly the Benedictines, both in the USA and in Hungary).

Peter Floriani with Stanley Jaki - Reading, PA - 2004 Peter Floriani lives in the USA. An informatician by training and an ardent Chestertonian, he helped Father Jaki with his PC, carefully scanned a number of his books of which no electronic text was available. He helped the preparation of the September 2009 issue of the Gilbert magazine devoted to Father Jaki. It is also thanks to him that the new edition of Science and Creation came out in 2016. He is also the author of several books.


Ivan Lupandin Ivan Lupandin, in Russia, translated some works of Father Jaki into Russian. Some of them are available online:

1992-07  •  Spasitel nauki. Russian translation by I. Lupandin of:
1988-01  •  The Savior of Science. With a preface by the translator.

2015-03  •  Angely, obezyany i lyudi. Russian translation by I. Lupandin of:
1983-02  •  Angels, Apes and Men. With a preface by the translator.

2021-01  •  Tsel’ vsego sushchestvuyushchego. Russian translation by I. Lupandin of:
1990-01  •  The Purpose of It All.

2023-01  •  Znachenie fiziki. Russian translation by I. Lupandin of the first 2 Chapters of:
1992-05  •  The Relevance of Physics.

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