Curriculum vitae of Stanley L. Jaki

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Lectures at:

Akademii Nauk USSR (Moscow)
Belfast University
Boston University
California Institute of Technology
Carnegie-Mellon University
Clemson University
Columbia University
École Normale Supérieure (Paris)
Georgetown University
Gregorian University (Roma)
Harvard University
Hungarian Academy of Science
Lockheed Research Center
Louisiana State University
Massachussetts Institute of Technology
McGill University
Medieval Institute (Toronto)
Michigan State University
Oregon State University
Oxford University
Penn State University Swarthmore College
Princeton University
Rice University
St. John's College (Annapolis)
Stanford University
US Research Center, Los Alamos
Universida Autonoma de Madrid
Università di Roma (Sapienza)
University of Auckland
University of Birmingham
University of California
University of Chicago
University of Christchurch
University of Colorado
University of Dallas
University College, Dublin
University of Edinburgh
University of Göttingen
University of Helsinki
University of Houston
University of Kansas
University of Kiel
University of Liverpool
University of Louvain
University of Melbourne
University of Michigan
University of Munich
University of Notre Dame
University of Pamplona
University of Paris (Sorbonne)
University of Prague
University of Sevilla
University of Southern California
University of Strasbourg
University of Sydney
University of Toronto
University of Uppsala
University of Utah
University of Vancouver
Virginia Institute of Technology
Yale University

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Congresses (invited lecturer) at:

Second Conference on Cultural Unity (Bowdoin College, 1967)
Conference on Science and Religion (Star Island, 1968)
Symposium on Society and Technology (History of Science Society, 1970)
Second International Humanistic Symposium (Delphi, Greece, 1972)
International Conference on Cosmology, History of Science and Theology (University of Denver, 1974)
Third International Humanistic Symposium (Mount Pelion, Greece, 1975)
Twelfth Nobel Conference, Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minn. 1976)
Congres International "Lambert" (Mulhouse, 1977)
History of Science Society, Annual Meeting, (Dallas, 1977)
16th World Congress of Philosophy (Düsseldorf, 1978)
Fourth International Humanistic Symposium (Mount Pelion, Greece, 1978)
International Congress on Decision Making in Business (Nijenrode, Netherlands, 1976)
International Congress on Business and Ethics (Nijenrode, Netherlands, 1979)
Boston Colloquia on the Philosophy of Science (1979)
Fifth International Humanistic Symposium (Mount Pelion, Greece, 1981)
Science in Islamic Polity (Islamabad, Pakistan, 1983)
Second Terra Mater conference (Gubbio, Italy, 1987)
Frederick Neumann Symposium (Princeton, 1987)
Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples (Rimini, 1988)
Open University (Moscow, Academy of Sciences, 1989)
Man and his Environment (Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 1990)
Culture in Scientific Context (Vatican, 1991)
The Emergence of Complexity (Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 1992)
The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena (An International Conference of the Vatican Observatory, 1994)
19th World Congress of Catholic Physicians (New York, 1998)
International Giordano Bruno Conference (Rome, February 2000)
Tenth World Congress on Ferroelectricity (Madrid, September 2001)

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Sigma Xi
History of Science Society
Olbers Gesellschaft (Bremen)
Hellenic Society for Humanistic Studies (Athens)
Académie Nationale des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts de Bordeaux (membre correspondant)
Pontifical Academy of Sciences (honorary member)

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STD (Systematic Theology, Rome, Istituto Pontificio S. Anselmo, 1950)
PhD (Physics, Fordham University, 1957)
LLD (honoris causa, Central Michigan University, 1974)
LitD (honoris causa, Steubenville University, 1986)
LitD (honoris causa, St. Anselm's College, 1988)
LitD (honoris causa, Marquette University, 1989)
LitD (honoris causa, St. Vincent College, 1989)
ScD (honoris causa, Fordham University, 1991)
ScD (honoris causa, Seton Hall University, 1991)

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The Lecomte du Nouy Prize and Medal for 1970
Olbers Lecturer, Bremen, 1970
Gifford Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, 1974-75 and 1975-76
Fremantle Lecturer, Balliol College, Oxford, 1977
Hoyt Fellow, Yale University, 1980
Macdonald Lecturer, University of Sydney, 1981
McDermott Lecturer, University of Dallas, 1983
Wethersfield Institute Scholar, 1986 and 1987
Templeton Prize, 1987
Farmington Institute Lecturer, Oxford University, 1988 and 1989
Wethersfield Institute Lecturer, 1992
Forwood Lecturer, University of Liverpool, 1992
Honorary Citizen of Györ (Hungary - his birthplace), 2000

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